CCPM - Critical Chain Project Management

In this excellent white paper Lawrence Leach explains "Critical Chain Project Management [486 kB]" and describes a way to cut project lead times while protecting overall probability to deliver the project on time.

Here are a collection of concepts and simulations which may help explain the stochastic nature of project management:

  • a presentation with instructions for simulations around project management - the sixy game [800 kB]
  • a resource spreadsheet [74 kB] to simulate task durations through rolling of dice
  • a spreadsheet with which to simulate different strategies to protect a project plan [85 KB] (as described in the “sixy game” presentation above)

Credit goes to Dr. James R. Holt for making his lectures about CCPM available to the public domain.

Here is a text database [171 kB] collected from postings in the internet. The contributions are predominantly in English with some German sections mixed in between. The different topics are all preceded by a "+( " string. The "+( " topics are sorted alphabetically. The intention to post this here is to share info with those interested in Critical Chain Project Management. The intention is not to break copyrights.

LEACH fever chart

Follow up of project buffer penetration - a simple but effective way to visualize project health.