Management focus on efficiency or OEE can distort behavior and decision making and lead to overconsumption, inventories, material shortages and burning of cash. OEE is important “only” for constrained resources: it is where you need to “find” extra capacity through elimination of downtime.

In the links below you will find documentation on how to generate 'utilization' values such as OEE and/or TEEP
as well as an Excel spreadsheet template to support this.

It follows the shop floor approach devised by Shigeo Shingo and not the ”academic” approach of multiplying line availability with efficiency and first pass yield.

We prefer TEEP over OEE, as it is the real expression for “asset utilisation” and the only truly comparable number across industries and plants. It eliminates discussions about closing days and other such nasty topics which give room for “interpretation” when comparing plants, departments, machines or operators located in different countries.

We are sceptical about recent trends to digitize manafacturing environments for data collection and reporting purposes. Operators very often stay away from data terminals and rarely look up perfomance reports in computer terminals. Manual data collection and display on visual boards greatly enhances buy-in from operators and “force” management to visit the shop floor, to check/see what is going on and to engage with their manufacturing teams.
However we do not deny potential benefits of digitalization - especially in the area of preventive maintenance.

STABER OEE tracking