TBO   team based organization

STABER Organisation - process

Business Process Reengineering and LEAN Management focus on streamlined and waste-free processes - especially for processes dealing with customers.

A team-based organization allows for maximum involvement of all associates, better contribution through a working suggestion system, higher job satisfaction and better customer service. It is a win-win for all and the foundation on which to introduce and build a true LEAN Management system.

The team-based organization (=TBO) is established on the shop floor, in administration and in the support organizations. The TBO will implement Visual Workplaces in their areas which are the foundation for:

  • daily (15 minutes) flash meetings
  • daily quality (red bin) review meetings
  • daily reviews of the suggestion system and the continuous improvement processes
STABER team based organization- reversed
STABER mentor-mentee-concept

Eventually these teams will start to work “autonomously” in the direction of applying the LEAN tools and eliminating waste throughout the organization.

The role of management changes to one of supervising, guiding and supporting their teams in their (daily) quest to eliminate waste in everything they do. They do so by following the Mentor - Mentee concept.

There is no sustaining implementation of LEAN management without a working TBO and consistent shop floor management .