Oliver Wight

Oliver Wight facilitated Enterprise Resource Planning through MRP, MRP II, S&OP (sales and operations planning), Operational Excellence and today Business Excellence consulting. Extensive experience with the support of a comprehensive audit checklist lead to a proven path of implementing World Class performance in diverse industries.

                              Proven Path of implementing
                                            Business Excellence

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There is a strong ERP element in the approach of Oliver Wight, since all businesses are managed or backed by ERP systems:

  • data cleaning of the critical data set to avoid “garbage in - garbage out” issues
  • segmentation of markets and capacities into commonly agreed product families and related manufacturing cells, which represent the business and which are understood by sales, operations and finance managers at the same time
  • one set of numbers between budgets, forecasts and MRP / CRP plans to avoid padding, “stealing”€, stock outs, aging inventories, resource crisis, supplier issues etc.
  • monthly IBP meetings (previously known as S&OP = sales & operations planning meetings) with a planning horizon of 18 to 24 months. The IBP meeting consolidates the separate sales, production and new product introduction review  meetings.

This way the system is put fully under control and becomes predictable for customers (on time delivery), shareholders (financials), employees (employment), suppliers (demand). It is also the ground on which to build CIP - continuous improvement processes, be it in the form of LEAN, SixSigma or TQM.

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